Japanese sea bass fishing at Headland.

Japanese sea bass fishing at Headland.

I tried to do seabass fishing at the headland

There are some cool fishes in Japan.  One of them is a sea bass.As well as the “black bass” which is popular among lure fishing of fresh water,  it’s a “sea bass” which is very popular among sea fishing. This time, I tried to do sea bass fishing,though I usually do black bass fishing.Now I’ll let you know what I’ve experienced there (Ibaraki prefecture, Oarai town) This is not the first time for me to  do sea bass fishing. I’ve experienced sea bass fishing some times so far, but they got away.
Also, Seabass has some differences in names depending on its size.

Seigo : less than 30cm
Fukko : less than 60cm
Suzuki : more than 60cm

It was called “Seigo” that I’ve caught which means it’s less than 30cm.

Here is the link when I caught Seigo. Going seabass fishing makes me feel motivated cause I’ve never caught it. How was the consequent this time?Now let’s look back over seabass fishing in Oarai town, Ibaraki prefecture.

New record!  Fukko is hitting!

I went fishing when it was very cold.It was 5 o’clock in the morning ,and it’s very dark.

It’s gradually getting brighter . I went fishing with my friend. I tried sea bass fishing, and my friend did flounder fishing. When we got to breakwater, we saw some small fishes jumping on the surface of the sea. We thought there must be some fishes from that, explored the surface and middle of the sea. The moment when 15 minutes have passed from the start, something hit. I cast at where I wanted to . I repeated retlieve and stop three times, and then something hit. It was sea bass !but it’s smaller than I expected. (60cm) I guessed it’s the size of Fukko. I carefully and successfully caught it.

I remember that I screamed out by its excitement.Although it was not seabass, I made a progress cause there was surely size-up from Seigo to Fukko.


Extra edition

I doubt it’s a kind of dolphin….
I’m not sure about what it is, but it’s too big to be fishes. I’m curious about what it was.

Tips to get seabass at breakwater

What’s headland?

Headland is artificial cape to prevent flowing out sand of coast.

Head land is artificial cape where near to sands. The around of headland is revetment by Tetrapod and it is subjected to change flowing of sea water.Also, those area is adobe which is living fish. So, we could fish various fish like sea bass, flounder, Greenling.

How to catch seabass at Headland?

There are mainly two ways to get seabass at the breakwater.

The place where you can see whitecaps around the breakwater

Wave is high at the headland. Big whitecaps happens around by the shock so that breakwater hits the wave. You have big chance of finding sea bass out here.
The place where you can see whitecaps has strong waves. so you should use minnow, metal vibes and sinking pencil.

Find seabass which traces herd of bait

It tends to be deep around headland by its structure. So, you can find many baits. Also, sea bass traces these baits. If you can see them jumping on the surface, it’s the sign of tracing baits. Also, it’s the sign that sea bass is hungry, so you can get it with a high probability. Especially, before and after the sun rises, there are many sea basses that is getting baits.

How to cook? sashimi or carpaccio of seabass

I decided to have Fukko that I caught with pleasure.
I cut the head off, and clean a fish.After that, you need to classify it to sashimi and carpaccio.
I wanna make a progress cause I’m bad at cleaning a  fish.
I will eat sashimi with soy sauce.
I eat carpaccio with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, tomatoes and parsley.
img_5278It was plump and tasty at the same time. I feel great cause I caught it on myself.  I ate too much.lol

The tackle  I used

I chose the tackle that is easy to use and reasonable to beginners. Although some rods and reels are expensive, you can make up with what you already have. It’s one of the good ways to buy used-gear if you’re planning to buy expensive gear. Also, it’s better for you to prepare minnow, metal vibes and top water plugs. Fortunately, this time, I caught Fukko with the lure that my friend gave to me.


シマノ:SHORE JIGGING S906MHホームページ

シマノスピニングロッドソルティーアドバンスショアジギング S906MH 9.6フィート


シマノ:AR-Cエアロ CI4+【ホームページ

シマノ (SHIMANO) スピニングリール 14 AR-C エアロ CI4+ 5000XG


PE line 1,2号

よつあみ(YGK) ライン G-soul X8 UPGRADE200m 25Lb(1.2)

Leader line

サンライン(SUNLINE) ショックリーダーソルトウォータースペシャルシステムフロロカーボン 50m 10 35lb


Source:DAIWA モアザンソルトペンシル-S – Web site

ダイワ(Daiwa) ペンシルベイトシーバスモアザンソルトペンシル-F 95F リアルキビナゴルアー

Things you have to pay attention when you do fishing at the headlands.

When you do fishing at headlands, make sure you stand on the tetra pod. So, you have to watch out your step and act carefully. Bad accidents can sometimes happen at once. If you slip off, you might be dropping in the sea. Sometimes you can see very tall tetra pod. so there’s no doubt that you break your bones. You have to take care to prevent them from happening. I want you to wear shoes that isn’t easy to slip, and life jacket. You have to take all responsibilities about what’s gonna happen in the field. You should prepare landing net cause it’s gonna be useful when you catch the fish. You have to fight in the bad condition; you may slip off in the sea.You should use landing net for these reasons.

An attraction of seabass fishing

I found it hard to do sea bass fishing as a whole. You need to be patient. However, once you experience that fighting moment, I guess you cannot stop it anymore.There are uncountable things to learn in sea bass fishing, and very exciting at the same time.It’s not bad pursuing one valuable fish though it must take long time.